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Integrity & Full Transparency

We comply fully with all of Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) rules and regulations on recruitment.

Full documentation in compliance with MOM rules and regulations.

Proper Job-Matching

Our qualified consultant will try their utmost best to understand your requirements, job environment and needs before making recommendations.

We prescreen the applicants & explain the job requirements as accurate as possible, explaining the job environment and salary breakdown in detail, preventing the applicants from unrealistic expectations or being misleaded by friends or overseas agents.

Live Conference Interview

We arrange live conference interviews with employers and applicant to let both parties have a chance to understand each other better.

Building Long Term Relationship

We strongly believe that it’s more than just a business transaction. Many of our clients have stayed with us throughout the years.

Our Best Accomplishment

Word of mouth referral is the best advertisement. We want to make sure that our client is satisfied enough to refer us. This is our best accomplishment.